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Also called the commercial dibber

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The Commercial Surface Float / Also called the commercial dibber

The Surface float is generally used when catching fish either on the surface or just under the water level in between depths of 6” – 12”. F1, mirror Carp or silver fish just love to anticipate the feed as it enters the water.

Whether you are laying, slapping or lifting the float as you feed the swim can be a devastating method on most commercial waters.

The method when using hard or soft pellet, caster, maggot or any bait is little and often, holding the pole across your legs and feeding just a couple of bait offerings with a catapult at the same time you lift the float on the water. The fish respond and come to the surface and often when taking your bait the fish will hook themselves.

The fish often follow the drip feeding up to the surface and compete with each other, to attempt and catch a fish it is good practice to slap the float on the water surface without feeding in the area where you have been feeding and often the noise of the splash fish are fooled into thinking that more bait has entered the swim and will take your bait without hesitation.

It is good practice to have several rigs ready at various depths or change the depth by simply moving the float up or down the line, until you find the most affective depth for catching fish.

This specialised float has the line threaded through the body via a threading needle thus illuminating any tangles when slapping or laying the float out, and with the constant bagging of fish helps the float from not becoming damaged.

These rigs are best made up before fishing and placed on winders and using either no shotting or very little on the line, also a hair rig setup such as a banded pellet has a great advantage of catching fish. Most matchmen having a few rig setups are essential in any matchmans tackle box, therefore buying a few at a time I have introduced discounts for multiple ordering.

(All floats in the commercial range will have FREE silicone rubber slieves included)


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Actual Float

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