The Stillwater
  Pear Float



The Stillwater pear shaped float, is perhaps the most popular float for Stillwater fishing, this is particularly true with canal or lake fishing, the shape of the float can hold against a wind drift and at the same time, can be very sensitive to shy biting fish.

Developed many years ago with an elder pith body, this was before balsa became so popular, elder pith was easily shaped and very buoyant, using cane tips and bases, this was the forerunner  of pole floats.   The pear body can come in many shapes, and sizes, rounded, elongated and squat, while bristle stems can be made of nylon, cane, wire, glass, and the base stem made from carbon, piano wire, cane, and glass.

The float in the illustration is a basic pear design, with a smaller rounder pear for use with a drift or tow and can be used on most still waters.   The basic shotting is by a bulk downy either bunch split shot or an Olivetti about 12" to 18'' from the hook. The hook length being a smaller diameter and the breaking strain should then carry the dropper shots or style weights.

Style weights are different than split shot; they are longer pieces of lead or non-toxic substitutes. And because they are longer in their application than split shots, they allow a wider distribution of weight on the line and are less likely to weaken the line when squeezed on, a special style pinches are required.

Styles also have the benefit of giving a slower presentation of hook baits in the water, as the weights are more evenly spread, with the added bonus of less shot bites, especially when introducing hemp seed into the swim.

Fishing line these days are of excellent quality with finer diameters, and elasticity in the hook lengths, allowing stronger application when hooking big fish. I was one of the first anglers to introduce these new lines on the market back in the late 198Os. At the time the French company Waterqueen who wanted me to introduce these fine line concepts into Great Britain sponsored me. Now anglers all over see the benefit of these lines and are now being used countrywide.




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