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Still water pole floats are developed very differently to running water pole floats this is generally for the benefit of working the float in the still water.

As described in the introduction to pole floats the basic designs are developed from a pear drop or some times called tear drop. The aerodynamics of this float is the tapering affect, allowing a sharp taper of the body, which in turn becomes more sensitive as the float is  weighted down in the water.

The broader base of the float being down most, allows balance and stability in the still water, from this shape most still water pole floats are developed.

With materials such as carbons glass, polystyrene, balsa, wire, nylon, tungsten, and other space-age compounds, pole floats are now in the 21st century, and the poor fish have no chance at all.

In my opinion the French anglers are the best in the World on still water pole fishing, their development with still water pole floats over the years have been an inspiration to me and most other great anglers in this country and abroad.

Swapping our British float methods and techniques for pole methods and techniques have been easy for me, for being the first World Champion to win on the British waggler has opened many doors for me. Making many friends and acquaintances in the international scene has had a great advantage, having swapping, and testing many pole floats. I now pass on the knowledge to you in this easy step-by-step manual.

Most still water pole floats have a working capability, and how they perform in different condition depends on the anglers knowledge, shotting is very important as well as feeding, all this combined with a positive mental attitude and determination, can help you catch those extra fish and who knows perhaps a future World Champion.


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