Pellet Waggler

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Pellet Waggler

 A pellet waggler is a small, dumpy, float used for fishing mostly commercial venues. It is most suited for pellet and any small particle baits, it can also be used for larger baits such as cut cubes of meat etc...

Its main use is to present a bait near the surface of the water, usually in the top 60 cm. When fishing deeper than 60 cm it is better to fish with a normal waggler.

The pellet waggler is mainly used in fishing for carp during warmer months. It is a float fishing technique that relies on the use of loose feeding hard pellets (12m) every minute to bring the fish in to the area of the suspended pellet bait (6-8m). It was originally designed to be used with hard particle baits such as trout pellets rather than the softer boilie type baits which are fished using a hair rig.

The best size pellet bait on the hook for this style of fishing is a sinking pellet of between 4mm and 8mm, and loose feeding (10-12m) depending upon the distance that they needed.  Using a hair rig hook attachment for the bait.

Little and often into the same area is recommended and casting or retrieving the float into the baited area, will produce a bite.

When fishing particle baits such as meat or boilies, unlike the pellet hair rig where the bait is attached to the hook by a hair tied on to the hook, this rig uses a small rubber band attached to the hair, which is used to secure the bait.

Our pellet wagglers have a loaded lead base, easy for casting and shotting.

Two shotting method can be used

1. A fixed stopper

2. A sliding rig stopper

Shotting 1

Shotting 2


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