The Margin Float

Margin Float

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The Margin float

This float is used when fishing the margins of the lake or pond usually up on the top shelf. Using stronger line and elasticised pole an angler would set the float dead depth or lay on the shelf, waiting for the larger carp to take the bait.

Pushing the pole tip under overhanging bushes or trees, using a short line to pole tip therefore giving the angler much better control, when hooking the carp allowing it to swim into open water making it easier to play and land the hard fighting Carp.

The construction of the margin float has to be made extra strong, due to its fishing robust technique especially when a big fish takes the angler into water growth including rushes, reeds and water lilies.

Putting pressure on the hooked fish when easing it from undergrowth or water vegetation can damage a weak float, therefore Gold Medal floats have constructed the margin float to be extra strong consisting of carbon or fibre glass stems and nylon tips with extra strength coating on the body of the floats, all our margin floats include our unique designed grooved body that allows the line to fit snugly into the float without the problem of the line cutting into the body of the float especially when catching large bags of fish.

Often Commercial matchmen would have identical double rigs set up, just in case the rig gets tangled during the fishing the match. Therefore we have constructed two types of margin floats, a lighter tip for maggots and casters and a heavier tip for pellet, paste and lob worms. We also offer discount for multiple orders.

(All Commercial Float's have a unique special line channel modelled into the body, thus not allowing the float to become damaged when playing hard fighting fish giving the angler piece of mind and long lasting durability)

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