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This particular stick float was developed by a midland angler Mark Cordon for tackling the deep swims of the Warwickshire Avon, it also allows an angler to mend the line without taking it off its downward trot, or riding up out of the swim.

This float can in some circumstances catch the flow, enabling it to trundle down the swim in its natural current, and because of the long stem in can help to combat wind drift.

A rod of 14ft or 15ft is best used on this float, enabling the long stem to cast well out into the swim.

When striking into the fish, it is best to strike upwards, allowing a more direct contact with the fish.

Shotting the long stick can be done, either by a bulk down or a string of reducing size split shots, this float has a good record in local matches, and I can see the time when it may be a recognized float in all tackle box.

When I first used this float it took a time to get to grips with it, unlike the smaller cousins of the stick it acts completely different in the water, and I believe this float is very good at long range trotting. .

Most of the float contains a tapered cane combined with a bulbous top balsa body, the overall length is about 12" to 14"  I find I must use four silicone float rubbers to secure the float to the line.

Plummeting the depth in deep water especially with a stronger flow, can some times be arduous, I normally run the float through until I find it dragging under, then pulling it up the line until I get a clear run.

With a very strong down stream wind I can put as much as four or five number ten shot above the float about eight inches apart. This helps stop the line from bowing and passing the float, dragging it quicker than the natural flow of the water. Always allow the above shots against the shotting capacity of the float.





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