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 The long body river pole float is an ideal float for trotting a long swim and taking fish on the drop.

Similar to the long shouldered pear float, this float has a slightly different applications due to its long body and very small shoulder, this float can be used when fishing shallow or deeper swims whilst presenting the bait on the drop.

All floats have names put on them by their respective float making companies, and this float has had many names including the pencil float. Perhaps one the most popular made pole float in existence. The French company Waterqueen who sponsored me for a few season, is the one that I used, although Milo and Trabucco also make a fine example. And now I have brought this great float to the British Anglers through my Company Gold Medal Floats. I call it the LB Avon float

The float is a long pencil shape with a small shoulder, nylon bristle, and a wire stem, ( I make mine with a Fibre Glass stem for extra strength as wire can bend when moving the float up the line) the float is held on the line with the usual eye on top of the body, and three silicone tubing sleeves, on the stem, one on the top the second in the middle and last one on the base.

I sometimes colour my nylon bristle tips with either white tipex or a black felt pen for changing background colour, the size's from 4xl8 up to l 1/2 gram, using the smaller floats on very shallow water shotted with a string of styles or micro shots, reducing down to the hook length for slow on the drop presentation.

Fishing this float is very easy, it travels down the swim with the natural flow of the river, and holding back does tend to lift the bait up. A very sensitive float that could be used in conjunction with seed baits.

When shifting this float out in the water, it is best done by laying the float and shots out, down stream, so that their are no shot tangles. And the shots may fall in the water in unison.

Plumbing the depths so to allow this float method to trot the swim   without dragging under, and then at the end of the swim, pull up and place back on top of swim, feed and let the presentation start again.

This method has produced some brilliant catches for me in the past, on the Warwickshire Avon catching dace on the way down, chub at mid river depth and roach just off bottom I can't recommend them enough and all serious river anglers should have a set in thier tackle box.

 (Sept 1996) I won an open at Twyford Farm on the Warwickshire Avon, using this method and catching ll lb 1 loz of mixed dace, roach, chub and perch.



Colour Green Recommended


3x10 = 0.10g (2 x No10 shot)
4x10 = 0.15g (3 x No9 shot)
4x12 = 0.2g (5x No10 shot)
4x14 = 0.4g (6 x No8 shot)
4x16 = 0.5g (8x No8 shot)
4x18 = 0.75g (3 x No3 shot)
4x20 = 1g (4 x No3 shot)
5x20 = 1.25g (5 x No3 shot)                        

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