Lignum Stick float

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The Lignum stick float has become popular within the last few decades, a re-discovered float, that gives weight to the float for casting to mid river or far bank

With major success on rivers such as the Trent, Seven Avon, Thames etc.. The Lignum stick float can be used when casting out at a distance from the bank; with its heavy lignum wood base, which has replaced the normal cane. The extra weight will carry the float when casting to areas of the swim where an ordinary stick could not.

Long before lignum cane became fashionable a loaded stick float would comprise of a heavy base such as a hard wood stem or as the well known angler from the Midlands Paul Newell told me that he used a paint brush stem to give it weight, which allowed him to cast to the far bank of the Warwickshire Avon resulting in a lot of match winnings.

The lignum stick is a big stick and best fished at distance, carrying between 5bb and 8bb shots. It is an ideal float to use as an alternative to a waggler giving a different presentation altogether.

With a slight up stream wind this float can ease through the swim very gentle and almost put the bait into the mouths of the fish.

Casting the lignum stick is best done with a sweeping side cast, feathering the line that allows the shot to lay out in front landing on the water in a neat line. Overhead casting for longer distances must be done with a sweep of the rod, from in front of you, making an arc backwards and casting out, making sure that the line of shots stay in a straight line.

I find by greasing the reel line with a silicone spray or a grease pad, the line stays floating and when mending the line to the float, the float will not move out of position. The secret is to keep a tight line from the reel to float but not to impede its downward trot, unless to hold back allowing the bait to rise of the bottom.

Dragging the bottom of the swim can be done easily with this float it helps to slow down the float and the bait, making it very appealing to lazy fish. This method has accounted for many match winnings for me and other anglers in the know. The shape of the stem has a slight bulb at its base, this allows more weight and helps with the stability of the float.


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