The Light Cane
Stick float

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A smaller version of the family of stick floats ideal for lighter work. A very good slow to medium pace running water float, especially for close to the bank fishing.

Because of the light float and amount of shots that it takes, it has much less disturbance on the water when casting. As the lighter shots sink at a slower pace, the float responds by tilting downwards slowly to each settling split shot. When putting your finger on the reel spool it checks the float then the shots will rise up in the water, and when releasing the shots will sink again slowly, this is when most fish will find the bait irresistible, and a bite will occur.

Over depth fishing is best when using this checking method, also easing the float down the swim can produce very good catches. Stringing the shots out and reducing in size is best. This stick-float method is a perfect way of catching fish, when they can be at any depth in the water.

Summer time especially. Dace, chub, and roach are particularly prone to this method.

Feeding is important when fishing the light stick, by feeding regular two or three times every swim down will generate the fish to move up in the water, and anticipate the bait freely. The body shapes on these floats are generally slimmer in design. With a counter balance of cane.
lf this method isn't producing then perhaps the weight capacity is too much and the shots are sinking to quickly. Then a little tip is to move more shots up the line, just under the float, allowing even less weight down. I like to use a very light reel Line for this light stick float fishing, a diameter 10 or 11 under l kilo in strength, greasing the line above the float is also recommended.

Closed face reels are very good for this light stick float fishing, with fingertip control at the press of a button. When the weather is damp or a drizzle in the air, sometimes the line will stick to the rod, I treat the rod with a silicone spray, from rod butt to tip, this helps the rain water to drip off the rod eyes and assist with the line control.

I wrote about Keeping stick floats on winders in the mid 70s, which I learnt from the continental anglers, with their pole floats and then adapting the idea to British floats I still think this is a very good idea. Making sure that when tying to the main line you use a good knot.

Diameter 11 reel line, Diemeter 7 Hook legnth, 24 hook


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