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The flat top stick is in fact a large cane and balsa stick float, for fishing at distance and because of the extra buoyancy, is the best stick float for dragging the bottom. The nature of the float is to present the bait dragging on the bottom in a fast flowing swims slowing up the float and its bait presentation.

The top of the float has a flat dome shape for spotting the float at distances, and because of the wider balsa top it has a high buoyancy value, this allows the float to trot the swim dragging along the bottom without pulling under. Using this method stick float can produce fish in high water conditions, slowing the bait up for the fish to respond.

I have caught on this float on many occasions when after a flood the water is still running fast and clearing, the fish feed well after a flood and this float is ideal for those times.
The float in the diagram is the actual side, made by West Midland float maker Stan Bennet used by most river anglers in this area.

Using a string of number sixes, number eights, and number tens, down the line reducing in size and allowing a long tail to drag the bottom (see diagram) A few trots down the swim over depth and by sliding the float either up or down until you get the right feel for the float dragging. Pulling and releasing from the bottom but without dragging under.

Also a very good alternative method when other methods fail, changing the presentation can sometimes works wonders. When casting a stick float at distance remember to cast with an arc, keeping the shots straight at all times and when releasing the line, keep the rod tip low, as this will help to prevent the shots from tangling.
Because of the heavy stick cane, this float can easily be cast from the side, feathering the float and the line of shots will land in a neat line. The top of the float has a flat dome shape for spotting the float at distances 




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