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Commercial fisheries are relatively new in our angling history; it was only a couple of decades ago that I first witnessed the introduction of such a fishing. Moorland Farm, Hartlebury, near Worcestershire. John Talbot the owner had the vision of stocking the fishery with hard fighting and quick growing Carp, and soon the word spread throughout the country and anglers all over would come and experience this phenomenon. Soon other commercial fisheries sprung up including Makings fishery, Mallory Park and much more including new type of species, namely the F1 Carp. Suddenly a new type of fishing was being introduced to the British angler, consequently the advent of new fishing tactics developed.

Float fishing combined with stronger pole fishing tactics soon developed including Margin fishing, Surface fishing, Paste and Pellet fishing. Whereby normal floats just couldn't cope with the wear and tear of this type of pleasant but hard-hitting fishing, float's had to develop to withstand the rigors of huge fishing weights and new tactics developed to cope with robust carp that would go mental when hooked.

The tactics now have come a long way including commercial pole floats. At Gold Medal Floats I have put a lot of thought and practice to develop a range of commercial floats that I believe would be beneficial and advantageous to anglers who pursue this style of fishing.

I only use High Density Foam bodies and tough sprung eyes for my commercial floats, other materials such as Balsa can become damaged and let water in after a time. Also I have developed a unique line channel within the bodies thus eliminating body damaged when catching and playing large and huge bags of fish caused by the line cutting into conventional bodies.

 Combining my experience with pole floats and the way they work over the many years, I have adapted the commercial range henceforth. Commercial float have to be strong and tough yet still present the bait, either naturally or not. Please view each float and in particular the explanation behind the development, hoping of great fishing days ahead.

Clive Branson

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