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This float is a larger cousin of the balsa float, but has been adapted for use on big wild rivers, although smaller versions are just as successful on smaller rivers. Developed for catching big chub and big bags of chub on big rivers. This float comes in an assortment of materials as well as balsa the latest being polystyrene body and cane bottom insert.

A few years ago the big clubber float was hand made by anglers, carrying up to nine swan shot, with big shaped tips for sighting the float at very long distances, these days chubbers can be made with machine precision and are relatively cheap to buy. The chubber can now carry as much as 15 swan shots, although this size float have fewer uses than those of say seven to nine swan shot.

With body shapes now taking on reverse pear shape dimensions with a big shoulder, these floats can now slow up in the flow as they are held back, a great advantage for producing those extra bites and fish. One of my favorite methods of using probably due to my successes with this float, having won me many open competitions in conjunction with the bread. On big rivers you find big chub. And using these big chubbers with the bread is an unbeatable combination, having won on rivers such as the Severn and the Wye. I have used this method with great success in recent years. Winning an open on Bewdley upon Severn using this method opened a lot of angler’s eyes, also winning three matches on a trot on the Wye in winter was an achievement. As well as Welsh Nationals and Wye championship successes.  

I use a main reel line 4lb and hook lengths 2lb between seven or nine swan shot-float depending on the distance and the swim. Some times I may use an Olivetti instead of split shots, also a swivel on the hook length.

Plumbing the depth just off bottom I will bulk my shot 2ft from the hook (size eight) and about 6" I will place a BB or an AA, this helps stop tangling when casting and keeps the bread flake from floating up.
I would use as much as 201b of pure bread crumb making sure that I chuck a medium size ball every trot down breaking up and making a cloud in the water I would cast into this and let the flake trundle down. With many weights of over 1O0lb and best match weight of 84lb I can recommend this method of chubs float fishing.

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