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All floats within the Gold Medal range have been personally developed, built, tested, recommended and used by myself Clive Branson (Double Gold, Silver and Bronze medallist)


The Feeder Waggler

The New range of body and feeder wagglers. First developed by Clive Branson during the 1970s

Top eye wagg

This float was invented and adapted by a few anglers back in the season of 1977

The Groundbait Waggler

The New range of body and feeder wagglers. First developed by Clive Branson during the 1970s

The Hinged Waggler

This float was first developed and invented by an old and respected angler, the late Albert Friswell of Newport, Gwent

Bat Float

The Big Chubber

This float is a larger cousin of the balsa float, but has been adapted for use on big wild rivers, although smaller versions are just as successful on smaller rivers. Developed for catching big chub and big bags of chub on big rivers

Bat Float

The Rudder / Bat Float

Because of its flat body it can be controlled and held against a turbulent current very easily.

Bat Float

The Funny Float

The funny float is a unique float unlike any other in the tackle box; it is used in conjunction with a whip.

Non-toxic shot
3SSG = 6 x AAA shot (4.8g)
2SSG = 4 x AAA shot (3.2g)
LG = (3g)
LSG = (2g)
SSG = 2 x AAA shot (1.6g)
AAA = 2 x BB shot (0.8g)
AB = 2 x No1 shot (0.6g)
BB = 2 x No4 shot (0.4g)
No1 = 3 x No6 shot (0.3g)
No3 = 2 x No6 shot ((0.25g)
No4 = 3 x No9 shot (0.2g)
No5 = 2 x No8 shot (0.15g)
No6 = 2 x No10 shot (0.1g)
Legal lead 'dust/micro' shot
(Note: The higher the number, the
smaller the shot)
No8 = (0.06g)
No9 = (0.05g)
No10 =(0.04g)
No11 = (0.03g)
No12 = (0.02g)
No13 = (0.01g)


(Note: The higher the number, the
larger the shot)
No7 =0.01g
No8 = 0.017g
No9 = 0.025g
No10 = 0.035g
No11 = 0.048g
Continental lead styls from No12 to
No20 are all illegal in this country.


3x10 = 0.10g (2 x No10 shot)
4x10 = 0.15g (3 x No9 shot)
4x12 = 0.2g (5x No10 shot)
4x14 = 0.4g (6 x No8 shot)
4x16 = 0.5g (8x No8 shot)
4x18 = 0.75g (3 x No3 shot)
4x20 = 1g (4 x No3 shot)
5x20 = 1.25g (5 x No3 shot)
6x20 = 1.5g (6 x No3 shot)

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