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Plastic stem stick floats are almost as good as the original cane sticks, and with precision engineering.

These days plastics and their subsidiaries, come in all modes of density, giving strength and substance, and most modern day plastic materials are made up with forms of composites, and floats are no exception.
Some of the plastic stem floats that I use, out perform cane and in some cases are definitely better for fishing with, they are also less likely to break and wear.
Another factor that should be taken into account, is the clear stem that some floats have do camouflage a float and fish will respond in coming up in the water, and are less likely to be spooked. Nearly all stick floats, can now be copied, with alternative plastic bases, from lignum shape's to long stems and from light to heavy. I use the larger type plastic stem stick on big river's, the river Wye or Severn for example, I can cast   with ease using an eight BB float, spreading number six shots out about 6'' apart and then a couple of number eights on the hook length. Fishing mid river just dragging bottom, have produced some great catches. When the swim is boiling I prefer to use a bulk down, at two thirds down the line I bulk the weight and with three number eights below that. This steady's the float and can be held back with the help of an up stream wind. When retrieving especially at long distances I try to keep the line on top of the water as much as possible this helps stop line and hook length twisting. <>Big sticks on big river require long rods, and then I use a 14ft rod or sometimes a 20ft rod. When using double maggot it is recommended that you try and retrieve with the tip of the rod pointed to the float and then pull off the water, the float and tackle, will then retrieve, doing this a few times, will bring in the tackle with less twist. Using long rods also allow you to pick the line up quickly off the water when striking, which mean a more direct contact to the fish.


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