The Half Barrel
Chub Float



This float was developed by me and is a second cousin of the big balsa float, designed similar to the big balsa yet aerodynamically shaped to hold in the water without lifting from its trotting position. Its big shoulder keeps the float from riding out when mending the line from rod to float at long distances. This is very important not to impede or disturb the natural presentation of the bait as it travels downstream.

Using greased line mending the line makes this effortless when fishing big water such as the River Wye, Trent, Thames, Severn etc...

This unique float has been tailored for use on big wild rivers, although smaller versions are just as successful on smaller rivers. The importance of using this big shoulder becomes evident when fishing the bread flake, however it make a big splash sound when striking, nevertheless this sound can attract fish into the swim as fish hungry chub can be curious and the constant striking at the end of the swim will release the bread from the hook and chub will associate the splash with food.

A few years ago this half barrel chub float was hand made by local anglers, carrying up to 28 grams for fast heavy water, with the big balsa dowel tip for sighting the float at very long distances. (I now make these floats through GoldMedal co uk for the angler who can't find the time to make them; all at a reasonable price.)

Similar methods as the big chubber I use a main reel line 4lb and hook lengths 2lb An Olivetti is preferred when shotting this float, also a swivel on the hook length stops the line from twisting when retrieving at long distances.

Plumbing the depth just off bottom I will bulk my olivette 2ft from the hook and about 6" along the taiI I will place a BB or an AA, this helps stop tangling when casting and keeps the bread flake from floating up.

I would use as much as 201b of pure bread crumb making sure that I throw a medium size ball every other trot down one cast breaking up a cloud of groundbait in the water I would cast into this and let the flake trundle down. Then I would cast without groundbaiting as this can spur on a hungry chub to take the bait.



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