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Avon Hemp Float

Avon Hemp Float

This is a new float to the Gold Medal Float Range I developed this float when fishing one of my favourite Rivers the Warwickshire Avon at Evesham (Also works well on The Bristol Avon at Newbridge). Over the last few years fishing has become fairly hard on the Warwickshire Avon; probably due to the pressure of matches on this stretch, at least three matches a week during the Summer months. As well as Perch and small dace the river holds a good head of roach; however this species have become very elusive during the day time and probably feed off natural foods including bloodworm, fly laver and small molluscs (Snails). Hemp seed is believed to be the substitute for the very small snails that live beneath the water that roach feed off and when presented correctly hemp seed will catch these elusive roach when other baits fail.

Loose feeding hemp on a constant basis will produce these indefinable roach; however the presentation of the hemp bait has to be as natural as possible. With a slow drop presentation that includes a fine diameter hook length (0.7) and very light shots (Number 13 Stots) down the line including a small light hook (20) (I will often use a size 24 hook for the light weight and open the bend to make a size 20.)    

The float is made of a light Fibre glass stem and bristle making the float very sensitive indeed and with an oval shape Polystyrene white body for camouflage. A Yellow bristle tip is included to stand out on the river backdrop.

Using a pole and laying out the float and line as the hemp seed is catapulted into the swim, allowing the bait to drop in unison with the loose feed offering will produce a bite. Trying various depths in the swim will seek out the feeding line of the fish, normally 12” above the river bed. On occasions the fish will move above the loose feed offerings, so laying the line above the swim will produce a natural drop and presentation.

When preparing the hemp I will soak the seed overnight, bring to a boil in a saucepan and simmer until the seed splits and releases the white cornel inside. Adding Sea salt or other flavouring such as honey, fennel, aniseed, can enhance the flavour of the seed. Some may use bicarbonate of soda to blacken the seed however the cornel becomes decoloured.

Hooking hemp is best when pushing the hook through the Crown on the top and then push the hook back through the split exposing the point, this method of hooking will allow the bait to stay on the hook even after catching a fish.   

Actual floats


On the hook length the stot shots are 6" apart

All floats within the Gold Medal range have been personally developed, built, tested, recommended and used by myself Clive Branson (Double Gold, Silver and Bronze medallist)

Non-toxic shot
3SSG = 6 x AAA shot (4.8g)
2SSG = 4 x AAA shot (3.2g)
LG = (3g)
LSG = (2g)
SSG = 2 x AAA shot (1.6g)
AAA = 2 x BB shot (0.8g)
AB = 2 x No1 shot (0.6g)
BB = 2 x No4 shot (0.4g)
No1 = 3 x No6 shot (0.3g)
No3 = 2 x No6 shot ((0.25g)
No4 = 3 x No9 shot (0.2g)
No5 = 2 x No8 shot (0.15g)
No6 = 2 x No10 shot (0.1g)
Legal lead ‘dust/micro’ shot
(Note: The higher the number, the
smaller the shot)
No8 = (0.06g)
No9 = (0.05g)
No10 =(0.04g)
No11 = (0.03g)
No12 = (0.02g)
No13 = (0.01g)

(Note: The higher the number, the
larger the shot)
No7 =0.01g
No8 = 0.017g
No9 = 0.025g
No10 = 0.035g
No11 = 0.048g
Continental lead styls from No12 to
No20 are all illegal in this country.


3x10 = 0.10g (2 x No10 shot)
4x10 = 0.15g (3 x No9 shot)
4x12 = 0.2g (5x No10 shot)
4x14 = 0.4g (6 x No8 shot)
4x16 = 0.5g (8x No8 shot)
4x18 = 0.75g (3 x No3 shot)
4x20 = 1g (4 x No3 shot)
5x20 = 1.25g (5 x No3 shot)
6x20 = 1.5g (6 x No3 shot)

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